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On this page you will find a simple guide to all standard condom sizes in the European countries, as well as special sizes such as XXL and large condoms. These following products also include various condom types, such as thin or strong condoms and even textured and coloured condoms, if you are looking to buy some of these.

Small condoms
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Large condoms Description

It is important that you get the right size when buying condoms online, since the condom is more likely to either break or fall off during intercourse, if it does not fit the penis well enough. Most condoms are classified with the terms small condoms, medium sized condoms and big condoms. Large condoms are separated into smaller groups, such as XL and XXL (extra large condoms), which are for those with a very wide or long penis shaft.

How to measure your penis length and width
To find out exactly what condom size you need, you first have to know the length and width of your own or your boyfriend's penis. To measure these characteristics correctly you will need a tape measure or another kind of measurement tool, that is able to bend around an object (such as a penis shaft). Remember that the penis needs to be at its hardest when you measure it. You may ask your girlfriend to help measuring it, in order to make it easier to be turned on.

Small condoms are usually narrower than 45 millimetres, while 45 to 50 mm is considered the standard width at most manufacturers.

It is recommended to measure your penis following the above steps several times a day, during different times, to get the most accurate numbers, since the penis - though being erect - can vary in size, depending on how erect it is.


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