Durex XXL Condoms


6 condoms in a package

XXL is a pack of 6 extra large and lubricated condoms from Durex that you can buy online at GoCondom.eu, if you are looking for a high quality condom that features extra room for wider and longer penises, to allow for much more comfort during intercourse. The condom's comfortable fit increases pleasure as it negates most of the feeling of wearing a condom thus stimulating sensation.

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Condom shape
  • Length: 215mm
  • Width: 57.0mm
  • Thickness: Normal
  • Size: XL
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DescriptionProduct specifications

In the package:6 condoms
Material:Natural latex

The Durex XXL is an extra large, lubricated condom with a perfect fit. If you have been looking for big time pleasure, buy condoms from the Durex brand, you won’t be disappointed with the function and consistency of these condoms. For protection, reliability and much more, Durex condoms are manufactured to enhance the sexual experience of couples who are looking for a pleasurable experience and complete sensuality. Choose from a style that best fits your expectation. Satisfaction is guaranteed every time you put one on and your spouse or partner will always be pleasantly surprised by the feel and softness. The Durex condoms are lubricated for superior reliability and comfort and every condom is electronically tested for a perfect fit, flexibility and strength.

Durex makes longer lasting condoms with superior functionality and extra stimulation for both partners during intercourse; it's a unique and sensational experience! Durex has more than 80 years of experience in the market for transporting couples to where they can find total sexual gratification, both inside and outside their bedroom. GoCondom.eu has Durex products that are safe and tested meticulously every time by Durex's manufacturing specialist department. If the samples do not pass the test, the condoms batch will immediately be discontinued and started over, making sure they are safe and meet all health and safety standards in the EU. All Durex XXL condoms go through rigorous dermatological testing, are easy to put on and pleasantly scented. Durex is the brand trusted by sophisticated men who recognize what it takes to be #1, while women take pleasure by the sensation and long lasting performance of their partner.

Buy the XXL and other Durex condoms online with ease

Sexual communication is the spice of every relationship and being in a loving connection leads to sharing that feeling with that special person. When you’re ready to engage, all of our Durex condoms are discreetly packaged and the renowned brand, trusted by all. GoCondom.eu offers a wide range of Durex condoms that can be purchased with ease, and are constantly improving our product line to parallel new sexual trends. We also consult with various scientists and practitioners who are experts in the field of human sexual behavior to make sure our products exceed expectations within the male condom market. The condoms are made from strong and elastic latex that is put into special temperature controlled tanks, formed and rotated evenly, and dipped twice. After they are dry and having removed them from the mold former, the condoms are washed again and powdered, then packaged 6 per box with special lubrication.

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Please remember to read the included instructions about condom sizes, properties and usage, before you complete a purchase and start using the condoms.


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… that, if used properly, condoms prevent against the majority of sex diseases?
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