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6 condoms in a package

If you are looking for an effective condom that will provide you the protection you need and the pleasure you want, then you might want to look into EXS Regular. The condoms have a flared tip that adds to comfort and allows for an easy fit. One of the best properties is the fit of the condom, and those with an average penis size will find that the EXS Regular fits great, and is easy to put on.

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  • Size: Medium
  • Width: 54mm
  • Thickness: Normal
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In the package:6 condoms

Each and every EXS condom is manufactured using the highest quality latex, and has a real skin feel. Each condom is lubricated and has a reservoir for maximum protection and pleasure. In terms of taste, the EXS Regular condom taste like every other non-flavored condom. It contains the average amount of lubrication found among condoms and a transparent shape, making it look and feel as if there wasn't a condom there.

Its texture is smooth, not ribbed, allowing you to have a more natural feeling. Intended for those with a medium, or average sized penis of average thickness, each package contains 6 EXS Regular condoms. It is definitely a no frills condom, and would be a great fit for anyone you wants maximum pleasure and maximum protection.

All EXS Condoms are made from the finest natural latex, and give a real skin-to-skin feel. The condoms are lubricated and a reservoir. Each condom has been tested and considered generally safe for vaginal, anal and oral contact, provided the condom fits properly and is used with care.

The lubrication is silicone (SK70) based, and makes using the condom a breeze. There isn't as much sensation blocking with EXS Regular as there are with other condoms, which is a definite plus. For those of you looking for a high quality yet affordable condom, the EXS Regular condoms are worth trying out.

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Please remember to read the included instructions about condom sizes, properties and usage, before you complete a purchase and start using the condoms.


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