Glyde Ultra Cola Condoms

Ultra Cola

10 condoms in a package

Want an exciting organic condom for more fun in the bedroom? Buy this hugely popular Glyde Ultra Cola, which has - as the name suggests - a cola flavour making it perfect for spicing up foreplay and blowjobs, while being made of extremely strong natural latex, which is exceptionally thin to enhance pleasure during intercourse and oral sex. There are 10 cola flavoured condoms in each pack.

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Condom shape
  • Size: Medium
  • Width: 53mm
  • Thickness: Normal
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DescriptionProduct specifications

In the package:10 condoms

The Glyde Ultra Cola Condom has been manufactured from the highest quality natural latex to the most exacting standards. It's exclusive, patented double-dipping manufacturing process makes it strong and durable, without increasing the thickness, which creates a sheer, ultra-fine sheath. Tests by the manufacturer and independent agencies provide testimony on the quality and strength of the condom.

The ultra-cola condom has been designed in a standard condom style. The condom is smooth on the outside and has a reservoir tip that is rounded over. This makes it not have spermicide, but it is lubricated. The condom is flavoured and made from natural rubber latex. It has been crafted with user comfort in mind, making wearing them to be fantastic.

Details and properties

  • Made from latex material
  • It is lubricated
  • Has a reservoir tip
  • Straight shape
  • Regular size
  • Has a width of 53 mm with a length of 180 mm

Taste & flavour makes it great for oral sex
One of the main reasons people buy the Glyde Ultra Cola condom is due to its flavored taste. It has been designed with blow jobs in mind. The flavoring has been crafted using the highest quality food grade organic fruit and nut products. This means that there are no any unusual flavors added to the condom. It is 100 percent vegan meaning that nothing has undergone animal testing during its manufacture.

Condom features that come with each purchase

  • Designed to offer maximum comfort
  • It sugar-free and has a delicious flavor from organic nuts and fruit extracts
  • 100 percent vegan-certified
  • Natural rubber latex
  • Surpasses FDA standards for strength and reliability
  • Very sheer and long

Ultra-thin, for maximum pleasure
Glyde Ultra Cola condom is as a result of the patented technology for ultra-thin condom production. The condom maximizes on sensation for both partners while never compromising on strength or reliability. This is a premium condom for the connoisseurs who require a standard fit, and the condom surpasses international quality standards.

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Please remember to read the included instructions about condom sizes, properties and usage, before you complete a purchase and start using the condoms.


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