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12 condoms in a package

A mixed pack of 12 condoms containing 6 with warming lubrication and 6 condoms with cooling sensation. All 12 condoms are a regular size and come with ribs along the shaft, further increasing stimulation for both partners. The special lubrication is perfect for achieving more pleasure as it heats up (or cools down) the skin upon contact, which can feel extremely good for both genders.

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  • Size: Medium
  • Width: 52.0mm
  • Thickness: Normal
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In the package:12 condoms

The Climax condom from Pasante is actually a 12 pack of mixed condoms, with a mixture of warming and cooling sensation ribbed condoms. The cooling sensation leaves you and your sexual partner easily stimulated, and provides a euphoric feeling to both partners as you engage in passionate sex, while the ribs take care of extra stimulation. The warming sensation condom warms up the skin upon contact, which increases blood flow and sensitivity to enhance pleasure for both partners. The sensation is felt by both partners and creates a feeling like non other, which helps towards a rising excitement in the bedroom before and during intercourse. The warming sensation is just the right amount, and does not distract you at all. These non spermicidal, lubricated condoms are strong, reliable and backed by Pasante's warranty.

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Condoms are an extremely important part of safe sexual activities as they provide protection from sexually transmitted diseases and act as a birth control contraception if used correctly. The Pasante selection you can buy on includes all types of condoms, with latex being the most commonly used, and come in all different types of colors, sizes, flavours with a variety of features, such as contoured shapes, ribs and dots, and even heating and cooling sensations to enhance pleasure and stimulation. Pasante is a trusted brand across the world and carry the CE mark. They are the largest independent condom company in the world and export to over 60 countries worldwide.

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Please remember to read the included instructions about condom sizes, properties and usage, before you complete a purchase and start using the condoms.


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