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In the package:12 condoms

Put some pizzazz in your sex life with Pasante Tropical Flavours. Safe for oral,vaginal, and anal sex, while adding a new dimension to your fun with fruity flavors and scents. Available in packs of 12; containing 4 yellow pineapple flavored condoms, 4 white coconut flavored condoms, and 4 red mango flavored condoms. Condoms are normal thickness with smooth surface and no ribbing. Condoms are medium sized with no spermicide so one can enjoy the tasty oral play of the tropics. The fruit flavors will overpower the latex, making the condom taste a distant memory. Each condom is lubricated for ease of use and has a reservoir tip for aiding in fluid collection. These condoms are best used with water based lubricants. Enjoy a unique experience with every quality tested natural latex condom by Pasante Tropical Flavours. Pasante Condoms is the fastest growing condom brand on the market. Selling over 60,000,000 condoms a year, Pasante is the largest independent condom company in the EU with a global market. One can feel assured that your choice of Pasante Condoms is not only about finding an exceptional product but one that is also sought out by many others in the international community, widely utilized and trusted.

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Please remember to read the included instructions about condom sizes, properties and usage, before you complete a purchase and start using the condoms.


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