Secura Double Pleasure Condoms

Double Pleasure

12 condoms in a package

The Secura Double Pleasure condom is a latex, straight and unflavoured utility that is thin and 52mm in width. This is the best quality product for uses in for a very sensual, extremely satisfying sexual engagement. You will not even feel that the condom is on owing to their thinness. The pleasure you will receive is priceless and ecstatic and will help introduce more excitement in the bedroom.

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  • Size: Medium
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In the package:12 condoms
Properties:Ribbed and dotted
Material:Natural latex

Secura is a brand for condoms designed for the pleasure and safety of all its users at a very high degree. It is a brand that has been in the market for over fifty years in which it has been celebrated highly and branded best condoms for high density pleasure and security from diseases.

Secura security level and safety standards are very high as it offers protection from sexually transmitted infections, unplanned pregnancies and even HIV/AIDS. it is a transparent condom with natural latex with cream lubricant and enough reservoir. All this coupled with best fit is the best of the best.

It is a cheap and very affordable brand for all users. This is why it has been able to be in the market for over fifty years. It appeals to all users with its impeccable characteristics coupled with its affordability, who would not want to be associated with this brand? It is perfect for you! it is a must try and use and the results will keep you going back for Secura double pleasure condoms.

Secura has the attractive presentation attested to it with its matching beauty of character which makes it the best seller of all times, no other company has been able to reach its top standards of safety and pleasure. This magnificent product has received really good reviews at go condom.

A product that gives you all the above good results should be top most of your priority list because you know you will never regret it. It is a fine brand that suits all your needs and helps you get the best and safest results for the fun activities you have in store for you and your partner.

What's in the package from your online purchase?

A packet of Secura transparent condoms contain 12 condoms inside. This is for long term use of the brand and ensures continuity without being cut short due to lack of enough condoms in a packet bought by you.

With Secura there is a condom for all types of users for come one come all. Everyone has the one type of condom they prefer best and Secura has that one type you prefer, be it multicoloured, dotted, ribbed, flavoured with a sparkling effect, those with inbuilt cock-rings, super-sizes or small sizes. Go buy it online today - we will ship it immediately, with discreet packaging!

For a pleasurable and self satisfying and extremely sensual and safe sexual activity get Secura Double pleasure, transparent condom. Let it make make all your fantasies come true more than once, twice or thrice. Let it be fitting to avoid slipping out and for bets results. Secura, the best, just for you double pleasure condoms. Be safe.

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Please remember to read the included instructions about condom sizes, properties and usage, before you complete a purchase and start using the condoms.


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… that, if used properly, condoms prevent against the majority of sex diseases?
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