Sexual Health of Escorts in Treviso

In Treviso, escorts who work in nightclubs, hotels, and clubs are among the most vulnerable groups for the spread of HIV. This is due to the lack of regulation and health regulations for the profession. However, the sexual health of a escort a Treviso is important as they are the bridge population for HIV transmission. Researchers conducted an anonymous telephone survey at the National Institute of Health’s AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections Helpline to understand the prevalence of HIV in this group of people.

In Treviso, there are strict laws on sex hygiene. The Italian Chamber of Deputies has ordered an inquiry to improve public knowledge about prostitution and the sanitary issues that arise from it. The committee was led by Anna Finocchiaro, President of the Justice Commission, and Marida Bolognesi. The framework of the inquiry was that sex workers were “invading” Italy and were therefore a public order issue. The commission adopted three principles: harm reduction, education of clients, and Merlin law.

The study’s objectives were to examine whether street sex workers in Treviso are aware of the existence of sexually transmitted diseases, use condoms, and engage in unsanitary intercourse. The study also examined whether some aspects of these workers’ behaviours may contribute to the spread of STDs. Despite the high incidence of STDs, street sex workers were largely aware of their risks, including HIV and AIDS. Most of them were unaware of the symptoms of some sexually transmitted diseases.

The report also found that Italian sex workers used soap and/or toothpaste to clean their vaginas, and that only one in three women reported using such products less than daily. In fact, ninety percent of the women surveyed reported using soap, or a mixture of both. In addition, they felt cleaner after performing sexual services and prevented infection. This is a serious problem, and it should be addressed immediately.

Although the study was limited to a small group of sex workers in Treviso, the findings were alarming. Some sex workers were at risk of contracting HIV, a virus that affects the immune system. Nevertheless, the prevalence of HBV and syphilis among these sex workers was low, although some were autochthonous and came from Latin America.

Prostitution is illegal in Treviso, but the numbers of underage workers have decreased slightly. According to a press release from the Florence City Council, there were 160 sex workers on the street in Florence in 2016. The majority of sex workers were from Nigeria and other ex-USSR states. But in Italy, it’s illegal to pay a prostitute. As a result, these sex services in Italy have a high risk of exposing their clients to sexual violence.

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